South Korea Says North Fired Multiple Projectiles

Launches come six days after previous launch

South Korean officials have issued a statement on Tuesday claiming that North Korea has fired multiple unidentified projectiles into the sea. The projectiles were fired from northeastern North Korea, and to the east.

US officials said they were aware of the report, but didn’t comment beyond that. South Korean reports didn’t clarify the range of the projectiles or exactly how many exactly there were.

This comes six days after North Korea fired two missiles, which they said was a warning to South Korea. US officials have insisted that they don’t have a problem with the missile firing, with Trump noting they’re very ordinary missiles.

While it is impossible to draw any conclusions until we know more about these new tests, barring them being something far more advanced, the US is unlikely to consider it a big deal, though South Korean officials may.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of