South Korea Claims North Korea Fired ‘Projectiles’ Into the Sea

Unidentified projectiles flew about 430km, landed in the sea

North Korea is being accused of another round of short-range missile launches by South Korean officials, who say that two “unidentified projectiles” were fired east from near Wonsan into the sea.

The projectiles flew about 430 km, and there is no indication that they were near anything. The reported firing was sparsely covered, despite past reports of missile tests being a big deal for South Korea.

South Korean officials emphasized that they retain operational readiness. North Korea has not commented on the matter at all. US officials added that they had confirmed “at least one” projectile.

Past short-range tests have been downplayed by the Trump Administration as not a big deal, and there is no indication that these firings, whatever they were, amount to anything more than that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of