US to Divert $40 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela Opposition

USAID tells Congress money will pay for rebel government

The Trump Administration has informed Congress that they intend to divert $40 million in humanitarian aid away from that and giving it to Venezuela’s opposition instead.

USAID, nominally a humanitarian aid body but in practice tends to be used to subsidize covert actions, informed Congress that the $40 million will be used to pay for salaries and other expenses for the Guaido “government” budget.

USAID argues that the funding of Guaido is in “the US national interest,” while Maduro criticized the vote as more proof that Guaido is just a US-funded puppet.

The humanitarian aid cuts are for central America, meaning likely El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, nations which President Trump has been trying to punish by slashing aid at any rate because he’s mad about immigration.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of