Trump Threatens to Attack Iran, Vows ‘Obliteration’ of Parts of Iran

Latest round of threats warn of war if Iran attacks 'anything American'

In contrast to President Trump’s time spent saying he didn’t want a war with Iran, and calling off such an attack less than a week ago, Trump spent the bulk of Tuesday threatening to attack Iran on even the slightest pretext, saying he’d attack if Iran struck “on anything American.”

President Trump promised “overwhelming force” against Iran, calling President Rouhani “ignorant and insulting” and saying his attacks on Iran would mean total obliteration in some parts of the country.

Rouhani’s comments only faulted the US policy as “desperate and confused,” and said it led officials to “take unusual measures and talk nonsense.” He also ridiculed US sanctions against Iran’s Supreme Leader, noting he never visits the US and has no assets there to begin with.

There was no indication from anyone in Iran that Iran was liable to attack anything America-related, and Trump started his tirade about war early in the morning, and continuing to talk up that conflict, and his lack of thought to an exit strategy, over the course of the day.

Whether this reflects a sudden shift toward hawkishness by Trump or simply an unrelated tirade is not clear. It is, however, hardly the first time he’s threatened Iran in such terms, and so far he has not carried out any attacks, despite many in his administration urging him to do so.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of