Trump on Iran War: ‘I Don’t Need Exit Strategies’

Says he's 'ready to do whatever' with Iran

After last Thursday’s decision to call off an attack on Iran, President Trump spent a substantially more hawkish day Tuesday, suggesting he was equally ready for war or negotiations with Iran, and that it “doesn’t make a difference.”

In talking up how ready he was for an Iran war, Trump dismissed questions about what his exit strategy would be, declaring “I don’t need exit strategies” to a gathering of reporters. He did not elaborate on what that actually meant.

In the context of his talk of obliteration of Iran, however, it certainly points to the idea that Trump, just days after calling off such a war, is alarmingly comfortable with starting another huge US war on the same open-ended, ill-considered basis. Comfortable, at least, so long as he’s talking up his bellicosity in front of reporters.

Asked for his message for Iran, Trump said that “when they’re ready, let us know.” He did elaborate on this, saying he’s “ready to do whatever. Doesn’t make a difference. Whatever they want to do, I’m ready.”

Iranian officials have said they aren’t interested in war, but also aren’t interested in direct diplomacy with the US, in the context of constant US threats and sanctions. For now this suggests the war of words within the administration will continue.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of