Israel Continues Airstrikes Against Syria, Killing 15

One soldier among five killed in second round of strikes

After killing ten people in a flurry of attacks early Sunday, Israeli warplanes continued with a second round of strikes into the evening, killing at least five more, and bringing the death toll to 15.

Overall, four Syrian soldiers have been confirmed killed in the attacks, while seven others from the early attacks were described as foreign fighters. Four of the five killed in the later strikes have yet to be identified.

The attacks broadly targeted military facilities, as well as sites for Syrian air defense. The evening strikes reportedly destroyed a warehouse that was believed to be storing rockets. Israel has not commented on these later attacks.

The early attacks, however, followed Saturday rocket fire from southern Syria crossing the border. Of two rockets fired, one entered Israeli-occupied territory, but did no damage. Israel reports suggested that a military outpost might well have been the intended target, and responded with the attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of