Fresh Israeli Elections Likely to Complicate Trump’s Peace Plan

Plan scheduled to be unveiled for late June

Trump Administration officials, including Jared Kushner and Ambassador Greenblatt, are meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the planned unveiling of the US peace plan for Israel. Officials say that the plan is scheduled for June 25-26.

The plan is expected to receive a sour welcome from the Palestinians, since US officials involved have suggested the plan is deliberately biased in favor of Israel. Getting Israel on board in late June could be difficult too, however.

That’s because after Wednesday, Israel is heading into another election campaign, having failed to negotiate a coalition from April’s vote. That’s going to put the peace plan right in the middle of the political fray.

And while Netanyahu would probably have endorsed the plan before, just to be polite to Trump, and knowing that a Palestinian rejection means it ultimately doesn’t matter, he might not find it politically palatable to give the appearance of accepting peace even on extremely generous terms.

Making the plan public at all in June is probably bad for Netanyahu, because he’s going to be virtually obliged to give some sort of response, and will be attacked by opponents from one side or the other depending on what he says.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of