Taliban Attacks Kill 10 Afghan Troops, Four Police

Roadside bombing did major damage to military convoy

Taliban attacked killed at least 10 Afghan soldiers and four policemen on Monday, according to local officials. The largest incident look place in Farah Province, in the west, where a roadside bombing hit the military convoy.

The convoy bombing killed 10 soldiers, and destroyed a Humvee. Officials say no one who was in the Humvee survived. An unknown number of other soldiers were reported wounded in the strike.

Elsewhere, in northern Sari Pul Province, the Taliban overran several police checkpoints, killing at least four police and wounding 22 others, while looting weapons from several of them.

Afghan officials claimed 15 Taliban fighters were killed in the fighting around Sari Pul. The Taliban made no announcement on the fighting in that area, but did confirm the roadside bombing in Farah.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.