Conflicting Reports of Six-Month Ceasefire in Gaza

Israel, Hamas deny earlier reports of a deal

Early on Monday, Israel’s Channel 12 announced that Israel and Hamas had agreed to a six-month ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. This would halt violence at the border, incendiary balloons, and aid flotillas, while Israel would allow Gaza to have a bigger fishing zone, and would allow medicine into the strip.

Reports later in the evening threw the deal into doubt, with a Palestinian reporter saying it was “fake news,” and some Israeli members of the far-right coalition saying that the deal was a “treaty of surrender” and “not worth the paper on which they are signed.”

Ceasefires are often controversial between Israel and Palestinian factions, and this is particularly true with the current far-right Israeli government. It is possible there is a miscommunication in here somewhere.

On the other hand, there are Israeli MPs who are commented on this deal as though it actually does exist, even if they aren’t keen on the idea, suggesting that a deal may either be reached or in the process of being worked out.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of