Trump Dismisses 120,000 Troops for Iran War Story

Says US would 'send a hell of a lot more troops'

President Trump sort of denied last night’s report that the Pentagon’s plan for a war with Iran would see 120,000 US ground troops sent to the Middle East, saying that the report was in the New York Times and therefore must be “fake news.”

The 120,000 troops plan was attributed to the Pentagon, and said to be a “new” assessment which had been solicited by John Bolton, and which was making the rounds. At the time, it was reported to be unclear if it had gotten to where Trump was being briefed on it.

Trump was dismissive of that, though not the war, saying if the US attacks Iran he would “send a hell of a lot more” than 120,000 troops. That previous report indeed said the 120,000 was just for a border war, but not enough for an invasion.

Though some media outlets are seeing this as the White House downplaying the chances for war, President Trump clearly doesn’t seem to be interested in doing so. This is, after all, just a day after he threatened “great suffering” on Iran, and his disavowal of the 120,000 troops number appeared to rest heavily on it being insufficiently large.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of