Trump: Iran Will Suffer Greatly If It Tries Anything

Tells Hungarian PM he's 'hearing little stories about Iran'

Meeting with Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban on Monday, President Trump reported that he’s “hearing little stories about Iran,” and that “if they do anything they will suffer greatly.”

While this is the most directly Trump himself has addressed the possibility of US moves against Iran, it echoes weeks of narrative from other administration officials claiming Iran might be about to do something threatening US interests.

The idea of Iran being poised to do something came in the wake of the US military buildup in the Middle East, trying to present the US as being prepared to retaliate against some non-specific Iranian threat.

Trump’s comments come in the wake of claims that Saudi oil tankers were sabotaged, and comments from US officials suggesting that they’d very much like to blame Iran, but don’t have the evidence to do so.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of