Top US Officials Meet on Possible Attack on Iran

Rare meeting at CIA centered on dispatching forces to Middle East

Last week, the Trump Administration hosted internal meetings including top military, diplomatic, and intelligence officials met at CIA headquarters to discuss plans against Iran, including “covert actions” that were being launched, and the recent dispatching of US forces to the region.

This meeting immediately prefaced the US suddenly talking up the possibility of military action against Iran, with several officials vowing “swift, decisive action” against them.

Though intelligence officials have insisted that others are “exaggerating” the intelligence, administration officials keep claiming Iran might’ve been about to attack the US, or US interests in some form.

So while Pompeo is warning Iran against attacking, administration hawks are salivating, as a potential Iranian attack is the ticket to war they’ve long dreamed of, and even a situation where Iran doesn’t intend to attack gives the US the pretext to keep escalating, and potentially launch a preemptive attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of