Qatar: Afghan Peace Talks Are Postponed Indefinitely

Afghan govt refused to send delegation to scheduled talks

The Qatari government has announced that the inter-Afghan peace talks are postponed indefinitely, after the first round of talks, intended to begin earlier this week, never got off the ground.

This is a big blow to a process that the US and the Taliban have been setting out for months. The Afghan government has been a drag on the process before, but this is a real move that could upset those efforts.

The problem this time is that the Afghan government appointed a 250-member delegation, and then never bothered to send them. The presidential palace stopped the departure at the airport, but declined to explain why.

There are some indications that President Ghani was irked that a lot of the participants at the talks weren’t his direct allies, and that the delegation included a lot of other political factions in Afghanistan.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of