Europe to Resist US Sanctions on Firms That Do Business With Cuba

Nations reject US threats to move against foreign companies

The Trump Administration is interested in increasing their crackdown on Cuba, in part because of their ties to Venezuela, and in part because of Trump’s general move against the “3 stooges of socialism.”

This involves sanctions moving against foreign companies that do business within Cuba, and allowing US lawsuits against them. This has angered Canada, as well as several EU countries who have interests within Cuba.

Spanish officials were quick to push for the EU to challenge the US effort, saying they are determined to defend their long-standing investments in Cuba’s tourism industry. France’s Finance Minister confirmed that the EU would react and impose retaliatory sanctions against the US.

Britain also vowed to back the EU in any move against the US sanctions, saying that they have been rejected by the EU and are in violation of international law.

Russian officials also issued a statement saying they consider the latest US sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela to be illegal, and promised to do whatever they need to to support their allies in those nations.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of