Battle Continues to Rage in North Afghanistan’s Badghis Province

Defense Ministry estimates 2,000 Taliban involved in offensive

After major gains over the weekend in Badghis Province in northern Afghanistan, the Taliban continued to push deeper into the province, looking closer to wrapping up the total capture of Bala Murghab District.

Both sides are reporting heavy casualties sustained on the other side. The Taliban was confirmed on Monday to have killed at least 12 additional security forces, bringing the five-day toll to over 40.

The Afghan Defense Ministry also offered new details about the offensive, revising a claim of “hundreds” of Taliban attacked the district by now saying that it is an estimated 2,000 Taliban fighters.

That’s a huge force for one attack if true, though it may also be a justification for why they haven’t sent serious reinforcements into the area. This is, however, not uncommon, as the military has been increasingly limited in providing reinforcements outside of the largest cities.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of