Republicans Move Again to Kill Yemen War Powers Bill

Republicans look to stick anti-Semitism language in the bill again

Having already derailed one attempt at a War Powers Act challenge to the Yemen War, the House Republican leadership is trying to do so again with a motion of recommit, and using the same trick of semantics that worked the last time.

Progressive groups are warning the House Democrats to watch out for a motion to recommit move on the Yemen vote. Already, one such motion was snuck through including language condemning anti-Semitism.

That may sound familiar, as the first House resolution also had similarly language tacked on in an amendment. This allowed the Senate to strip the vote of privilege, arguing it wasn’t a War Powers Act bill, it was a bill on anti-Semitism.

The motions to recommit already forced the Senate to vote once, and the House to vote again Another round of motions could start the process all over again. The goal appears to be to derail the vote and save President Trump from an embarrassing veto.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of