Russian Air Force Planes Land in Venezuela, Carrying Troops

Officials sent to Caracas for 'consultations'

Two planes belonging to the Russian Air Force arrived in Caracas, Venezuela over the weekend. The planes were an IL-62 passenger jet, and an AN-124 cargo plane, which were carrying Russian officials as well as an estimated 100 Russian troops.

The plane trip was subject to considerable speculation, coming amid US efforts to impose regime change within Venezeula. Russia said that the officials were sent there for “consultations,” which are related to existing Russo-Venezuelan military contracts.

The Maduro government did not include a lot of details in their own comments, either, with the Information Ministry so far refusing comment. There are reports that the Russians are to be sending a shipment of medicine to Venezuela soon.

The move is likely intended primarily as a show of support for the Maduro government amid US threats to see him removed from power one way or another. Russia is one of several nations that remains on good terms with Venezuela, and has objected to US attempts to try to replace Maduro with a more US-friendly choice.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of