Clashes Between Saudi, UAE-Backed Islamists in Yemen Kill Six

Heavy fighting centers around the town of Taiz

A lot of details are lacking, with everyone claiming not to be authorized to speak to the media, but heavy fighting broke out in Yemen’s Taiz, this time between two factions within the Saudi-led invasion force.

The fighting was between a UAE-funded Salafist group, and the Islah Party, which is loyal to the Hadi government and backed by the Saudis. Fighting began Saturday and raged into Sunday, with at least six killed so far.

This has been a recurring problem in Yemen, where the invasion force is built around dozens of different factions with conflicting end games, united only by their mutual distaste for Shi’ites. It’s a good way to attract Islamists, but no guarantee they won’t fight one another.

While the two factions have somewhat conflicting religious ideologies, it is also common for UAE-backed forces to wage their own little internal wars trying to get favorable positions, with an eye toward retaining important influence in the post-war period.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of