Growing Signs of US Military Planning in Venezuela

Diplomats' departure adds to speculation about a US invasion

President Trump has been bringing up the idea of an invasion of Venezuela since taking office in 2017, and his administration insists several times a week these days that it is among the “all options on the table” for Venezuela.

With the departure of US diplomats from Venezuela, ordered out by the Venezuelan government, the rhetoric is advancing, giving the impression that the US is increasing its planning and preparing for such a military operation.

Of course, officials are always keen to talk up attacking various nations, and that they are giving that impression now doesn’t mean an invasion is imminent. Rather, the US seems interested in giving that impression.

Still, concern about this is real, enough so that the House Foreign Affairs Committee is looking to prohibit the White House from attacking Venezuela without Congressional approval. The administration clearly hoped to force a regime change in Venezuela just through threats and rhetoric, but with that looking less and less likely to work, the talk of a war is only going to grow.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of