Pakistan Throws Major Doubts Into India’s Claimed Attack

Pakistan says no signs of serious damage in Indian 'intrusion'

To hear Indian officials tell it, a war with Pakistan looks dangerously close to beginning. Indian officials claimed an attack of a JeM base in Pakistani territory, and claimed to have killed over 300 people in the strike.

That’d be a huge deal, but is it true? Not to hear Pakistani officials tell it. The Pakistani government initially dismissed the report, saying they have no sign of any casualties. As they elaborated, a narrative started to take shape.

Pakistan’s Air Force says an Indian fighter jet did intrude into their airspace early Tuesday morning, but that the PAF ultimately repelled the plane. The Indian plane fled back to India, but did drop its explosives on the way out.

Which seems to be in keeping with the Pakistani report that instead of India attacking a JeM base, they hit nothing in particular. Air Force officials say that there were no apparent casualties, and no damage apart from some pine trees that got bombed. Locals claimed one civilian was wounded, and a house was damaged, with strikes leaving four craters.

This suggests that India may have gotten their plane repelled and tried to get out in front of what would’ve been an embarrassing story by claiming the attack was a success. India’s media tried to back this report, though the putative video of the attack turned out to be a three-year-old video of Pakistan’s own Air Force flying over Islamabad.

While this doesn’t necessarily preclude India trying to further escalate this conflict, or Pakistan retaliating for that matter, what appears to have happened so far appears a lot less serious than the initial reports suggested.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of