House Dems Offer Resolution Calling for End to Korean War

Bill would not insist on withdrawing troops from South Korea

On the eve of the second Trump-Kim summit, during which an announcement on ending the 1950 Korean War was presented as a possibility, lawmakers in the House introduced a resolution that would also call for an end to the conflict.

The resolution calls for a “clear roadmap for achieving permanent peace and the peaceful denuclearizaiton of the Korean Peninsula.” There is as of yet no Senate version of the bill announced.

Whether or not there will be one likely is going to depend heavily on what progress the summit yields of peace talks. If Trump is making progress toward peace, the Republican Senate will likely endorse it.

That this is being introduced in Congress at all is a huge positive sign, as both parties have been broadly dismissive of North Korean calls to end the war for decades. It is only within the past year of diplomatic engagement that such a bill even seems possible.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of