US to Announce Concrete Steps Against Venezuela on Monday

Pompeo says US to take action in support of regime change

Vice President Mike Pence says that the United States will announce new “clear actions” against Venezuela on Monday, promising there will be “concrete steps” announced during his speech, related to attempted US imports of aid into Venezuela.

Officials are offering no specifics on what this is going to entail, but there are several comments to this effect in the past couple of days. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had similarly promised to “take action” against the Maduro government.

Pompeo says the US intends action against anyone who opposes “the peaceful restoration of democracy in Venezuela,” by which of course he means the installation of opposition leader Juan Guaido as president.

Officials were saying on Friday that the US was likely to soon announce a new round of sanctions against Venezuelans trying to force President Maduro from office, and it may be that the promised actions will simply be that.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of