Civilian Convoy Leaves Last ISIS Territory in Eastern Syria

Dozens of trucks convey last of civilians from Baghouz

Kurdish forces fighting with ISIS over the final village of Baghouz in eastern Syria have sent dozens of trucks full of civilians out of the village, This is the latest in a series of efforts to get civilians out of the area to further facilitate the offensive.

Kurdish officials had previously indicated that failures to meet anticipated deadlines for declaring victory on the presence of large numbers of civilians within the tiny portion of territory yet under ISIS control. Despite these civilians being present, there was no sign the US wasn’t carrying out airstrikes against the area.

Officials added that they believe the evacuation would be completed by the end of Friday, and then the “most hardened” ISIS fighters could be targeted. Kurdish officials also praised the US decision to scrap their planned withdrawal from Syria after the defeat of ISIS.

Which suggests this might have been part of the hold-up on conquering a small village in Deir Ezzor Province after weeks of offensives. The Kurds have made no bones about opposing a US pullout, and it is only now that the pullout has been abandoned that the offensive again seems to be making progress.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of