State Dept Rolls Out Social Media Campaign Fomenting Iranian Unrest

Videos call on Iranians to reject government

The Trump Administration has made it an established part of policy to try to spark public protests inside of Iran, with an eye toward using those protests to “prove” to the world that Iranians don’t support the government.

This week, that effort is coming in the form of a social media campaign by the US State Department. The videos, posted in Farsi, encourage the Iranian public to reject the “corrupt religious mafia” that is the Iranian government.

These videos are hyping the US embassy in Iran, and the Americans’ willingness to reopen it if the Iranian public somehow imposes enough of a regime change to placate decades of US hostility enough that they’d be willing to have an embassy.

In practice, the US almost certainly doesn’t expect such campaigns to lead to open revolt in Iran. Rather, the hope is that they can spin signs of growing unrest as enough to justify more international campaigns against them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of