Saudis Say 88 Houthis Killed Saturday Across Yemen

Official reports don't mention any casualties on the Saudi-backed side

Saudi state media is reporting that heavy fighting across Yemen on Saturday left at least 88 Houthis killed and scores of others severely wounded. They added that Saudi-backed military forces seized large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

The larges amount of fighting was in Taiz Province, where they reported 40 Houthis killed. This is often a site of heavy fighting and large casualties, as the city of Taiz has been contested throughout the war.

They reported another 18 killed in fighting in Ad-Dali Province, while 30 more were killed in the northwest, where the Houthis were fighting with Hajour tribal fighters who were aligned with the Saudi-led invasion.

The reports made no mention of casualties among Saudi-backed fighters. It would be highly unlikely that they didn’t sustain any casualties in that much fighting, but the Saudi media tends to emphasize the death tolls on the other side.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of