Trump Says ‘A Lot of Progress’ Made With North Korea

Says summit location has been decided on

Speaking on Saturday after the confirmation that a second Trump-Kim summit would take place in late February, President Trump claimed to have had an “incredible meeting” with Kim Yong Chol, and to have “made a lot of progress” in the talks.

Though Trump went on to say that “things are going very well with North Korea” and that there was substantial new denationalization process, he also emphasized that the US would keep all economic sanctions against North Korea in place.

This is likely to remain a sore spot for North Korea, as a big reason for their recent reticence to keep dismantling their nuclear program without any assurances that the US will give them any sanctions relief, or allow a peace deal to progress.

President Trump did say that a location was settled on for the February summit, saying “we picked a country,” but declining to tell anyone what it was. He said it will be disclosed at a later date, though the fact that he said “a country” suggests it is a third party nation that will be hosting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of