Army Chief: US Will Leave Syria Once ISIS Is ‘Finished’

Gen. Milley is first military leader to confirm pullout is happening

US Army Chief Gen. Mark Milley has become the first US military leader to publicly confirm the Trump Administration’s planned withdrawal from Syria, making the comments roughly a month after the plan was announced.

Gen.Milley said that the US is determined to finish off ISIS and then will “hand the battle off to our indigenous partners.” A spokesman later clarified that “indigenous partners” meant the entire 74-nation anti-ISIS coalition, including Turkey.

A lot of details are absent in these comments, particularly on how to decide when ISIS is finished off, though analysts are broadly interpreting this as military confirmation that the pullout is happening.

Vice President Mike Pence also reiterated the Trump Administration’s intentions to withdraw from Syria, though as with Milley he offered little in the way of specifics, and left things like a timetable totally unaddressed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of