Turkey Slams Pompeo Over Claims of Targeting Kurds

Turkey vows to move 'decisively' against YPG

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton are both infuriating Turkey this weekend with comments on the planned Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan, with President Erdogan saying it is “irrational” to claim the invasion is targeting Kurds.

Pompeo said that the US wanted to make sure “the Turks don’t slaughter the Kurds” after US troops leave, which was a particular source of anger for Turkish officials. The Foreign Ministry said it was unfair to use the generic term Kurds, because Turkey intends to slaughter the YPG, whom they consider terrorists.

Turkey issued a statement Friday vowing to “decisively continue its struggle against terrorist organizations” in Syria, including the YPG. Turkey says they consider the YPG to be on par with ISIS.

Bolton also issued a statement while in Israel warning Turkey not to attack America’s “Kurdish allies.” This is more specific, as the US was allied with the YPG, and that is exactly who Turkey has promised to target militarily.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.