Israeli Warplanes Attack Targets Around Syria’s Damascus

Syria says most of the Israeli missiles were intercepted

After reports of anti-aircraft missile activity in Syria, the Israeli military carried out a series of attacks against sites around the capital city of Damascus. The Israeli warplanes were in Lebanese airspace, and fired missiles at the sites.

Syrian state media reported that most of the missiles fired were intercepted successfully by Syrian defenses. Several sites were hit, however, though it is as of yet unclear what most of the targets hit actually were.

One site that was hit was described as a weapons depot, however, which is a common target for Israel. The site was hit, and three Syrian soldiers were wounded in the attack. There were no reports of other casualties so far.

Attacks continued for at least an hour, with Damascus residents reporting they were hearing air defense fire an hour after the attacks started. Syrian state media also confirmed that “aggression is still ongoing.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of