Trump Signs Order Creating New US Space Command

Order is distinct from previous attempt to create Space Force

President Trump has signed an executive order on Tuesday authorizing the creation of a Space Command for the Pentagon, an attempt to organize US military operations in space under a single command.

This order is entirely distinct from President Trump’s previous attempts to establish a “Space Force” that was a fully independent armed service branch. This does not make any such effort, but rather just tries to organize existing operations better.

Trump has failed to get Congressional approval for the Space Force, and that will likely be put off until next year’s military spending bill. This Space Command, however, will have a four-star general nominated to be the commander.

The Space Command is expected to cost $800 million over the next year, and will be set up in February. As of yet, there is no headquarters for this command, but the existing Joint Functional Component Command for Space is in Colorado, and that may be replaced by this one.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of