Over 200 Killed in US-Backed Fighting Against ISIS in Eastern Syria

Scores of civilians killed in heavy US airstrikes

Attacks by US-backed Kurdish forces and counter-attacks by ISIS in eastern Syria have escalated dramatically since Friday, and in that period of time, over 200 people have been killed. This includes 92 members of the Kurdish forces killed in that period of time.

This is the largest number of Kurdish SDF killed in a single battle all year, according to officials. 61 ISIS were also reported slain between the fighting and subsequent US airstrikes against ISIS positions around the towns.

But as is often the case, US strikes against populated areas came with a terrible cost to the civilian population. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated that 51 civilians were killed, mostly relatives of ISIS fighters.

This battle was attributed to foggy weather in the area, which allowed ISIS to launch surprise attacks without fear of US air support getting directly involved. The US strikes appeared to center on the towns themselves, and trying to allow the Kurds to reverse ISIS gains at nearby villages.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.