General: No US Bombers Flying Over Korean Peninsula Anymore

Says US doesn't want to derail diplomatic efforts

US Pacific Air Forces commander Gen. Charles Brown revealed to reporters on Monday that the US is no longer conducting bomber flights over anywhere i the Korean Peninsula. He said the move came at the request of South Korea.

Gen. Brown said the idea was supporting the ongoing diplomatic progress with North Korea, and that the US doesn’t want to take any action that might accidentally derail the diplomatic process.

These bomber flights are part of the aptly-named “Continuous Bomber Presence Mission,” which has kept US bombers in the area since 2004. The overflights over South Korea happened fairly regularly, and tend to escalate when

Gen. Brown says despite this change, the US doesn’t intend to remove any bombers from the area, and that they will remain at Guam. They just won’t be flying over South Korea for awhile.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of