Saudi Attacks Killed Five Civilians Across Yemen

Three slain in mortar attack on border village

As Saudi-backed forces continue attacks across Yemen, the Saudi military is trying to support them with airstrikes and artillery fire. As has so often been the case over the course of this war, Saudi strikes hit civilian targets, killing at least five.

The larger of the two attacks took place in the northern Saada Province, where Saudi-backed forces tried to cross the border, and Saudi forces fired rockets and mortars against the border towns. Three civilians were killed in Talan Haydan village, and two more wounded.

Meanwhile, in the aid port of Hodeidah, an airstrike hit and destroyed a civilian home in the evening, killing a man and his wife, according to hospital officials. Their 10-year-old child was wounded, but expected to survive.

Saudi officials have not addressed either attack, nor the civilian casualties inflicted. Neither appears to have had any military purpose, though both were carried out vaguely in the vicinity of combat.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of