US Opposes Koreas’ New No-Fly Zone Plans

Deal would prevent simulated air raids over North Korean border

One of several agreements between the two Koreas designed to reduce military tensions, North and South Korea have agreed to establish a no-fly zone along their mutual border. This is intended to prevent misunderstandings along the frontier.

As with anything that might be seen as reducing tensions with North Korea, the State Department has come out against the idea, saying the US believes the no-fly zone will undermine military readiness.

The real problem isn’t “readiness,” it’s the Trump Administration’s ability to carry out threatening military maneuvers along the border between North and South Korea. During tense periods, the US has often conducted such overflights with nuclear-capable warplanes.

As with the US desire to keep stepping up sanctions, they are loathe to lose any of their capability to casually threaten North Korea in the process of diplomatic progress. This means opposing South Korea’s no-fly zone deal.

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