US Envoy: Trump Peace Plan Focuses Heavily on Israeli Security

Greenblatt says plan won't be centered on confederation

In a Monday interview with the Times of Israel, US special envoy Jason Greenblatt reported that the upcoming peace plan from President Trump will “be heavily focused on Israeli security needs,” but will try to be “fair” to the Palestinians.

He wasn’t very clear what this would entail, but said that “each side will find things in this plan that they don’t like.” That’s already largely the case, with neither Israeli nor Palestinian officials expecting much out of the talks, and Palestinian officials in particular believe the US is too biased to be taken seriously.

Greenblatt says that the plan will address “all of the core issues,” and assured that it would not be built around the idea of a Palestinian-Jordanian confederation, something Palestinian President Abbas has previously said US officials were talking to him about.

What the US is actually planning to propose is not at all clear, though a focus on Israeli needs likely means that Israeli demands that the Palestinians never have any control over their own borders will be a part of the proposal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of