ISIS Suicide Bomber Hits East Afghanistan Election Rally, Killing at Least 13

Huge blast as elders spoke at election rally

Campaigning ahead of Afghanistan’s next election is looking increasingly dangerous, with ISIS reportedly carrying out an attack in the eastern Nangarhar Province. A suicide bomber detonated himself in a crowd at a rally, killing 13.

ISIS was quick to claim credit for the attack. The official toll right now is 13 killed and over 30 wounded, but witnesses say the death toll is likely to rise further. Among the wounded were several children at a playground near the rally.

The election rally was in Nangarhar, and local elders were speaking to the assembled crowd of around 250 people when a huge blast tore through the crowd, just outside of Jalalabad.

Nangarhar is the base of the main ISIS faction inside Afghanistan, and the group has been carrying out major attacks across the area. ISIS is likely to pick up such attacks as the election nears, underscoring the government’s inability to provide security.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of