Kim, Moon End Inter-Korean Summit at Peak of Sacred North Korea Volcano

South Korean president had long wanted to go to Mount Paektu

The third inter-Korean summit of the year ended on Thursday, with the respective leaders hand in hand at the top of Mount Paektu, a volcano along the North Korea-China border which has huge symbolic import for both countries.

Kim Jong Un’s family is said to share the “Paektu Bloodline,” and the volcano’s name is used across North Korea for symbols of the Kim family’s power. Mount Paektu was also the site of several guerrilla¬† bases resisting Japanese occupation during World War 2.

South Korea’s President Moon has described visiting the mountain as a lifelong goal. Moon is keen on mountain climbing in general, and filled a bottle with water from a lake on the mountain as part of the visit.

Arriving on separate planes at the airport nearest the mountain, Kim and Moon climbed the mountain together for an historic photo opportunity. These pictures are expected to resonate in both countries in a way few others would.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of