Iran Wants World Powers to Fully Compensate Them for US Sanctions

Total compensation is Iran's goal, official says

An Iranian official was quoted by Reuters on Friday succinctly describing Iran’s goals for what they want in return for maintaining the P5+1 nuclear deal. The official says Iran wants to be “fully compensated” by the international community for US sanctions.

Though this was presented as demands by the Iranians for staying in the deal, it’s unlikely they’d receive full compensation for all US sanctions. It is also highly unlikely that Iran would not accept something short of this.

This is broadly what Iran has said all along, however. Previous comments by officials indicated that after the US withdrew from the P5+1 Iran deal, Iran would stay in so long as its benefits under the deal were assured. This effectively means sanctions relief.

On the other hand, Rouhani has suggested Iran will stay in the deal so long as it benefits them. In reality, Iran is likely to keep pushing toward full compensation, but unlikely to withdraw from the deal in the interim, so long as it continues to get something.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of