Israeli Intel Minister Says US Will Soon Recognize Golan Annexation

Annexed in 1981, Golan Heights are legally still part of Syria

The Israeli government believes they are going to get some major new concessions from the Trump Administration over the next few months. According to Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, Israel believes that the United States will formally recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory within a matter of months.

Occupied in 1967, the Golan Heights are still legally part of Syria. Israel formally annexed the region in 1981. The annexation is not recognized internationally, and the US has in the past confirmed that their support for a “secure” border between Israel and Syria did not imply an endorsement of Israel redrawing the borders through annexation.

The Trump Administration is keen to keep Israel’s far-right government placated, however, and Katz says pushing the US on Golan recognition is a top priority. Katz gave the impression that Israel believes just pushing on the matter for a bit will lead to acquiescence.

Any move to recognize the Israeli annexation of 1967-seized territory is certain to lead to an international backlash against the US. It is also likely to lead to more calls from Israeli hawks to outright annex the occupied West Bank as a way of eliminating talk of a two-state solution.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of