Germany Seeks Russian Support for Preserving Iran Nuclear Deal

Merkel to meet Putin next week to discuss how to save deal

In comments Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized President Trump for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, saying it was not right that a deal “voted upon in the UN Security Council and unanimously approved, should be unilaterally terminated.” She warned this would damage trust in the international order.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel

Merkel, as with French and British leaders, have made clear they aim to save the deal without US involvement. To accomplish that, they’re going to need help, and that’s likely to come in the form of Russia. Merkel has already spoken to President Putin on the phone, and the two will meet next week in Sochi.

This could be part of a broader change in international relations. Russia was already envisioning closer ties to Iran out of the US pullout from the deal. They may get better relations with Europe, particularly Germany, in the bargain as well.

All of this was predicted by analysts warning President Trump against trying to kill the deal. With Iran and everyone else complying with the deal, the US is seen as the spoiler, and is facing a backlash for it. Everyone is now focused on saving the deal, and Europe is particularly interested in saving its business interests in Iran. The US is a threat to both now, and that’s going to be a drag on US ties across the world.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of