US: Iran Must Continue to Comply With Nuclear Inspections

No longer party to treaty, US still insists Iran fulfill requirements

On Tuesday, President Trump formally disavowed the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. Officials have indicated the US intends to violate the deal with new sanctions against Iran. The White House, however, still insists that Iran fulfill all of its obligations under the treaty, even though the US isn’t a party to it, and isn’t fulfilling any of its own obligations.

The nuclear deal obliged Iran to substantially limit its civilian nuclear program, and to agree to a safeguards agreement giving the IAEA a level of access far beyond what any other country is expected to allow. US officials say Iran must keep this up.

Which again, is a galling position, because the US isn’t fulfilling any commitments, and has dishonored the treaty. To make this demand even more absurd, Iran has indicated it intends to remain a party to the deal anyhow, and will continue to honor the terms as they have throughout.

The White House comments seem to be about trying to present the survival of the deal as a US achievement, despite the US openly trying to kill the deal. It also allows the US to threaten to “punish” Iran for disobeying, even though the US is already set to punish them despite complying with the deal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of