Iraq Launches ‘Deadly Strikes’ Against ISIS Forces Inside Syria

Warplanes strike ISIS forces along the border

Iraqi warplanes carried out airstrikes against ISIS forces on the Syrian side of the border on Thursday, according to officials. The strikes, ordered by Prime Minister Hayder Abadi, were described as “deadly,” but no actual casualty figures were available.

ISIS forces have been reported to by trying to reemerge in several places around Syria. This includes sites on the Euphrates River not far from the Iraq-Syria border crossing. Iraqi officials say the strike was carried out in coordination with the Syrian Army.

That is unsurprising. The Iraqi government objected to Friday’s US-led attacks on Syria. Iraqi officials warned that the US strikes risked giving ISIS a chance to reassert itself in Syrian territory.

While ISIS forces near the border  in Deir Ezzor aren’t in a particularly strong position, Iraq may feel a coordinated strike expresses their support for Assad’s survival. Iraq has attacked sites around the border town of Abu Kamal, but they’ve never said the strike was coordinated with Syria.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of