Britain, Russia Continue to Trade Accusations Over Salisbury Poisoning

Russian Diplomat urges investigation, not allegations

Tensions between Britain and Russia continue to rise around the Salisbury poisoning, which British officials are now presenting as a “terrorist attack,” and which they accused the Russian government of being behind. Russia has denied involvement.

The OPCW, an international chemical agency, has been brought in to investigate the compound used in the poisoning. British officials previously claimed it was a Russian-made compound, but the OPCW says no results will be available for three weeks.

Russian diplomats suggested that they hold off claims until the investigation completes. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson reiterated the claim it was a Russian attack, and probably something to do with the election.

Russian Foreign Ministry officials said the British need to either recognize that they were unable to prevent such an attack on their own soil, or were secretly complicit in it. Lacking evidence, Russia has called on Britain to apologize for blaming them.

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