Koreas Defy Naysayers on Winter Olympics Diplomacy

Many Continue to Cast Doubt on Progress

Diplomacy at the Winter Olympics has been an event covered like no other, and while some media outlets are in awe at the amount of progress that, by most accounts, has been made, there are also a lot of naysayers casting doubt on whether it amounts to anything.

North Korea delegation leader Kim Yo Jong shakes hands with South Korea’s President Moon

The official US position has been to simultaneously downplay the talks, and to make some fairly high-profile efforts to undermine them. That seems to have been picked up by a lot of analysts as gospel truth.

The historic visit by a North Korean delegation that included both the parliamentary president and the sister of Kim Jong Un, handshakes, talks, and an invitation to South Korean President Moon to visit North Korea, have all been shrugged off by many as some sort of combination of a North Korean trick to undermine US interests, and one officials insist will fail.

Yet with South Korea’s government committed to diplomacy, and the US “interests” seemingly just being hostility toward diplomacy, it’s hard to see how the US can be a practical obstacle to progress. It seems hard to deny that diplomatic progress is being made on the Korean Peninsula,

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Author: Jason Ditz

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