Syrian Kurds: US Must Meet Obligations and Fight Turkish Invasion

YPG: Erdogan Must Be Stopped

The US has struggled to figure out exactly what their position on the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan is. Kurdish officials know what they expected the US to do, defend them as an ally, and the fact that they aren’t is causing a lot of disquiet.

Key Kurdish politician Aldar Khalil said the US needs to meet its “obligations” toward the Kurdish forces who fought along side them against ISIS, and do something to repel the Turkish invasion.

That’s not so easy, with Turkey being a member of NATO, but Kurdish officials are suggesting that with Turkey’s President Erdogan talking openly of taking all of Syrian Kurdistan, the US has to stop him sooner rather than later.

Turkey, of course, insists that as a fellow NATO member, the US owes them support, and should withdraw from all Kurdish territory. So far the US isn’t doing either, but playing this middle ground isn’t satisfying anyone, and has both the Kurds and Turks believing the US is siding against them, at least somewhat.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of