Syrian State Media: Turkey Helped Rebel Counterattack in Idlib

Turkey Offered 'Direct Support' to Islamist Rebels

Further complicating the Thursday counterattack by rebels in the Idlib Province, the Syrian state media outlet SANA is quoting Syrian commanders who say that the Turkish government participated in the rebel push.

Turkish troops on Syrian border

The fighting, in the southern part of the Idlib Province, aimed to stall the advance by the Syrian forces toward Abu al-Duhur airbase. FSA rebels and the Nusra Front had been reported to have been fighting.

But SANA’s report also says the Turkistan Islamic Party participated, bringing “most of their forces, and with direct support, direction and planning” from the Turkish government.

Turkey has been backing a substantial rebel force in Aleppo Province, just east of Idlib, and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear of their involvement. Turkey, however, is unlikely to admit as much, as they rarely confirm participation in offensives against Syrian government forces.

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