Russian DM: Syrian Militants Who Attacked Airbase Killed

Russian Strikes Destroy a Stockpile of Rebel Drones

Russia’s Defense Ministry has issued a statement Friday claiming they have found and killed the Syrian militants responsible for a recent series of artillery and drone attacks against Hmeimim Airbase and Tartus port.

The Russian statement was brief, saying that they’d killed the militants, and also destroyed a substantial stockpile of drones of the type responsible for recent failed attacks. They said the attack was in Idlib Province.

The first of the drones sent against Hmeimim was described as little more than a wooden frame with an engine and landmine strapped to it. The later flurry of drones appeared to have GPS navigation and other improvements.

Russian officials suggested that the GPS navigation suggested a foreign power, likely the US, was backing the strikes, though ultimately neither drone salvo did any actual damage, with Russian shooting down most of them, and the others just crashing.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of