US Treasury Secretary Expects More Sanctions on Iran

Says US Continues to Look at Possible Ways to Sanction

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters on Thursday that he expects President Trump to impose a new round of sanctions against Iran, saying that he always expects for there to be more coming.

Mnuchin offered no specifics, but President Trump has been reported, in the context of likely renewing waivers of nuclear deal-related sanctions, to impose some new sanctions unrelated to the deal.

Mnuchin says the US is continuing to look at new possible ways to impose sanctions on Iran, which seems tobe something of a challenge since the US has little economic relationship with them, and the rest of the world, since the nuclear deal, obviously isn’t so eager to go along with US declarations.

Officials familiar with the likely new sanctions say they will target specific Iranian people and businesses. It’s likely that this will be done related to the recent Iranian protests, meaning people involved in the crackdown are likely to be targeted.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of