Israel Tells Envoys to Ignore ‘Futile’ UN General Assembly Vote on Jerusalem

Haley Threatens to 'Take Names' of Nations That Vote for Resolution

On Thursday, the UN General Assembly will be holding an emergency special meeting with an eye toward voting to disavow President Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. A Security Council resolution ended with a 14-1 vote, with the US vetoing it.

The US holds no veto over the General Assembly, however, and the expectation is that it will not just be a majority voting yes, but an overwhelming majority, with the US and Israel potentially the only two “no” votes.

Israel is lobbying heavily trying to drum up at least a couple of other no votes, either in southern Africa or Eastern Europe, arguing to ambassadors that any resolution that doesn’t endorse Trump is futile, and would only embarrass them.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley was a bit more bellicose about the matter, insisting that the US would “take names” of any nations that vote against them, and in favor of the resolution. This follows the previous veto, during which she warned that the US would “never forget” those who opposed them.

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