Worldwide Alarm, Rejection After Trump’s Jerusalem Recognition

Major European Nations Warn Move Endangers Peace Efforts

President Trump’s Wednesday declaration that he is formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel came with a flurry of last minute warnings against such a move, and was followed by even more expressions of alarm about the implications.

The declaration was endorsed by Israel’s government, and pretty much nobody else. France slammed the unilateral move, while Britain warned the declaration risked doing serious harm to the peace process.

Across the Arab world, the complaints understandably centered more heavily on the implications for occupied East Jerusalem, and concerns that Trump had effectively meant a recognition of the occupation as permanent.

This led nations like Egypt and Jordan, which are on relatively good terms with Israel, to declare the Trump statement legally meaningless, while others warned that it did massive harm to US credibility throughout the region.

While Israeli officials expressed hope that Trump’s statement could lead to a rush of recognition for Jerusalem this broadly appears not to be the case, and if anything seems to be cementing in other nations grave concerns about the occupation of East Jerusalem.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of